April 13, 2018

The Benefits of Pole Dancing

For those of us who want to get fit or keep fit but have struggled to maintain a fitness regime, or for anyone who hates the hassle of going to the gym, exercising can be a terrible chore. Sometimes lack of motivation can quench the desire to commit to a dull exercise routine. However, if a more exciting or interesting option was available to you 27/7 at home, the motivation to workout in small, fun doses would naturally grow into something more. Well, there is something different that is most certainly worth considering.

Pole dancing is an absolutely superb way of keeping fit and is, honestly, a really enjoyable way to do so. Originating in the 12th century, the first forms of pole dances were performed during pagan fertility rituals or as forms of sporting competition, depending on where in the globe one was. However, the pole dance more closely related to what we know it as today came about in 1920’s when the centre poles of circus big top tents were used by the acrobats for daring and elegant dancing performances.

Pole dancing stayed within the circus realm until the 1950’s when the emergence of burlesque led to it becoming incorporated into strip club acts. The impressive physical skill of the performers, combined with the erotic beauty of the dance, led to pole dancing becoming an instant icon, and it has remained an emblem for strippers ever since.

In recent years, pole dancing has been embraced as a wonderfully effective way of keeping fit. This obviously goes without saying when the physical strength and dexterity of high-calibre poles dancers is displayed. However, it has taken some time for the world to take notice. Now that it has, a pole dancing pole can be found in numerous homes across the land.

Incorporating climbing, spinning and body suspension, pole dancing exercises essentially every muscle in the body. Arms, shoulders, neck and legs are all toned and worked out. But the true benefits from pole dancing can be found in the strengthening of back and the core.

Core strength is increased by working out the abdomen, the lower back, the gluteus, internal and external obliques, and pelvic floor muscles. If you have ever seen a comprehensive pole dancing display, it will be immediately apparent that when these muscles are used, they are truly used.

Whilst perfecting pole dancing takes time, it is worth this investment. The physical artistry one can create, all the while toning, strengthening and defining seldom used muscle groups, means that this form of exercise provides both increased fitness and increased self-esteem levels.

The primary drawback to pole dancing can be the difficulty in really mastering the art form. Yet, it is still suitable for all fitness levels, not just the super strong or toned. People of all shapes and sizes successfully take to pole dancing. So don’t be under any misconception that you need to have a strong upper body to begin.

The erotic nature of pole dancing cannot, and should not, be ignored. Whether you are doing it just for yourself, or to wow a partner, the confidence boost which can come along with the excitement of pole dancing is empowering. The endorphins released from each new trick learned will become intoxicating, and soon working out and staying fit will be a by-product of your love for your new hobby.

A good pole dancing workout will reduce joint pain as flexibility increases. It will stimulate blood flow and build core strength, as well as improve stamina and endurance. As always, if you suffer from any health complains, seek a doctor’s advice before embarking on anything that may be too strenuous. But other than that, pole dancing is the most exciting way to get fit and stay fit ever!

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